Pope Francis

A billboard depicting Pope Francis with his thumb up, located at Klokocina district in Nitra, Slovakia, Thursday, Feb. 5, 2015, invites voters to the Slovak national referendum on the protection of the traditional family scheduled for Saturday, Feb. 7. Billboard slogans read (in clock-wise direction from left upper corner: «Come to referendum 7.2.2015», «Vote 3xYES» and » ´Slovakia fights brave today for the protection of the traditional family´ (as a quotation) – Pope Francis, Jan. 22, 2015, in Rome». The vote this weekend, which aims to reinforce the constitutional ban on same-sex marriages, and restrict the rights of gays to adopt children in this predominantly Roman Catholic nation follows a similar one that succeeded in Croatia in 2013 and points to a cultural divide within the European Union in which more established western members are rapidly granting new rights to gays, while eastern newcomers entrench conservative attitudes toward LGBT people. (AP Photo/CTK, Jano Koller)

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